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Go to the Seafloor Cavern slightly South-East of Sootopolis and defeat the Team Aqua/Magma grunts. You'll need a Pokemon with Rock Smash and a Pokemon with Strength to get through. You'll reach 2 fairly easy puzzles of boulders that need to be moved with Strength. Defeat another member of Team Aqua/Magma in between these puzzles. After this, you'll need to defeat Archie/Maxie and you'll discover either Kyogre (if you're playing on Sapphire) or Groudon (if you're playing on Ruby). This will cause either a massive rainfall (Sapphire) or severe sunlight (Ruby), and you then go back to Sootopolis and up to the entrance to the Cave of Origin. The gym leader of Sootopolis, Wallace, will explain what to do after that.

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Q: What do you do after you find sootopolis?
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Pokemon ruby version how to find relecanth?

Go to sootopolis and dive in the front of sootopolis! =)

How do you find Kroger on sapphire?

In sootopolis

Where will I find Archie in Sootopolis?

in-front of the gym lol

Where do you find the cave of origen on Pokemon Sapphire?

In sootopolis.

Where can you find a relacanth in Pokemon ruby?

You find it underwater around sootopolis city.

How do you find kyoge in Sapphire?

You find Kyogre in The Cave of Origin in Sootopolis city

Where can you find the 8 badge in Pokemon ruby?

At Sootopolis City.

Where do you find wally in sootopolis city in Pokemon ruby?

You actually don't really find Wally, your old pal, in Sootopolis. You either have to try finding him in the west part of Sootopolis, or try resurfacing and surfing more to the west. I dont really know where Wally actually is, but if you find out, contact me at

Where do you go to find the final gym in Pokemon emerald?

sootopolis city

Where do you find Wallace Pokemon Ruby?

He is the sootopolis city gym leader.

Where can you find the last gym leader on emerald version?

sootopolis city

Where do you first find juan in Pokemon emerald?

In the sootopolis city gym.