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Assuming you mean after Koga (as Sabrina can be taken on about the same time). Head to Saffron, if you've not given the guards the tea from Celadon (in the mansion) do that first that will open the gates for you to get into Saffron, you will find Saffron overtaken by Team Rocket, head to Silph Co.

If you've beaten Sabrina as the 5th. Head South from Celadon via the Cycle Road or alternatively head South from Vermillion via Routes 12-15. (or straight south from Lavender). They will both lead you to Fuchsia and require you to have gotten the Pokeflute from the Lavender Tower as both have Snorlax in the way.

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Q: What do you do after you defeat the 5th gym leader in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Who is the 5th gym leader in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Koga, he is in fuschia city, he uses poison Pokemon

Where is fly in Pokemon Soul Silver?

it is given to you when you defeat the 5th gym leader by his wife

How do you get in the seventh gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you must defeat the 5th gym and get surf in safaria zone the go to Pallet Town and surf downwards.

Where can you find shadow claw in Pokemon platinum?

well you will have to defeat the 5th gym leader and once you defeated her she will give you the TM move shadow claw you will find the 5th gym leader at hearthome city before you deafeat the gym leader you will need to defeat the 4th gym leader in order to defeat the 5th gym leader

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Where do you find hmsurf in Pokemon ruby?

When you defeat the 5th gym leader and when you leave the gym head to the left and a woman will give you the HM

What is the fifth gym in pokemon leafgreen?

the 5th gym is saffron gym with sabrina!

How do you get the Sixth Gym Leader back to her gym?

you have to defeat the gym leader in the 5th gym or something ...

Where do you get the card key at Silph Co on pokemon LeafGreen?

On the 5th floor of silph co.

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Where do you obtain fly in Pokemon Crystal?

u have to defeat the 5th gym leader in cianwood city.and then talk to the women just outside of the gym and she will give u hm fly.