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Not much. You just have to get all the other Pokemon and improve your secret base.

...Hey this is Samuel someone a little more helpful

the point of Pokemon is to become the best of the best and you do that by having all the best Pokemon. After I caught heatran it was a Pokemon event and I caught Darkrai and I still can't wait to catch Shaymin and maybe some wonederful day Arceus.But not all good Pokemon are legendaries I know a good one you should try to catch if your waiting. This is how to catch it:

Spiritomb: Near the town with the flowers is a hollowed tower its actually a small crumpled rock in my perspective and it's just below what looks like a big tower (the one where you have toi use defog in the top room so don't be fooled. If you headed from the Flower town to the rock then keep eadin that direction till you go through one of those wierd buildings that are kinda pointless once through that building there will be a house head down and near the trees there will be a karate guyhe give u somethin like a hollowed stone go back to the crumpled rockinteract with it and u will have it fixed. Next step you have to go underground and talk to 36-40 people you come up and back underground every time to talk if you want to talk top the same person. (I never acquired the digging tools so I get stuck here cause i Can't find the drill) but i think you go back to the flower topwn or salocean town or the crumpled rock and you fight Spiritomb don't kill it I think there is only one. And it's a special Pokemon cause its the only one that's weak on nothin. eg. Fire attack on spiritomb would not be super effective as would grass water ice steel rock fight physick balh blah blah blah blahh., I hoped I helped

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Q: What do you do after you caught Heatran?
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Can you get another heatran when you catch him?

No, you cannot get another Heatran once you have caught it.

Where do you find heatran in soul silver?

Heatran can only be caught in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

How do you get a male Heatran if you caught a female Heatran?

You could trade something for a male Heatran. By the way, a female Heatran can't breed with a Ditto, probably because it's a legendary Pokemon.

What happens if heatran was caught and then released?

simple if you did this you would not be able to aquire heatran ever again unless you restarted the game all over again

What legendary Pokemon can i catch after I've caugth Cresselia in Pokemon diamond?

Have You caught Heatran? If Not Hes In The Volcano! If You Have caught it theres none unless you have ar!

What to do when you caught Heatran and Girantina?

Go and catch the Legendary Pokemon!If only I could do that, I'm stuck on Giratina!

How do you get heatran in heartgold?

You can not get him in HG or SSYou need to have caught it in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, then transfer it over using Pal Park.

Where do you go after you go to stark mountain on Pokemon diamond?

Have you caught Heatran yet? If so, try to fill the rest of your pokedex

What should you do if you already defeated not caught Giratina and heatran?

Continue on with the original game and buy an Action replay. Then you can get any Pokemon you want.

Tips on catching HEATRAN?

Most ground-type attacks are enough to cause heatran to faint since its Fire and steel. Like other rare Pokemon, Heatran has great base stats that make damaging it very difficult. Watch out for stat-reducing movesp; Heatran likes to follow them up with strong attacks once you're weak. If you caught Cresselia, then its mist will be very handy with Heatran since it prevents stat reduction to any one on your team.

What evolves in to heatran?

Nothing evolves into heatran, heatran does not evolve!

What to after caughting heatran?

go to stark mountain 1 time go to the house of the dude that was fight double battle with you now back to the end of stark mountain and there he is. P.s. I caught my heatran in the first try with a dusk ball, with the full health