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Well, after you defeat Team Galactics' new leader Charon in stark moutain (by getting the nat. pokedex). After that you have to go to the survival area and go to the house on the left of the pokecenter; and talk to the man behind the counter, and he'll tell you about stark mountain. After that, go to the area in stark mountain that heatran almost came out. Heatran will be there at lv. 50, so use a Pokemon at least lv.55! I've caught heatran, and I used raticate, because he has super fang (which continues to lower heatrans hp to half). Then I used my hypno, which I migrated, and immediatly put heatran to sleep. After I used really horrible balls and after a while I used an ultra ball and caught him. That's it!

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Q: How do you capture heatran in Pokemon platinum?
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Do you have find heatran on Pokemon platinum without the pokedex?

You must have the National PokeDex to capture Heatran.

Where do you find the 3 legarandery birds in Pokemon platinum?

After you capture/defeat heatran they start roaming sinnoh

Who is Heratin in Pokemon Platinum?

Heatran is a ledgendary in Pokemon platinum.

A good way to catch Heatran in Pokemon Platinum?

don't capture Gratiana with the master ball that you get from team galactic leader instead keep the master ball and go to see heatran after Pokemon league and use master ball on heatran and catch him instantly

How can you capture heatran in Pokemon pearl?

stark mountain

How do you get heatran in Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't. You need to get Heatran from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and then trade to heartgold and soulsilver.

Do you have to have the magma stone in your bag to get heatran on Pokemon platinum?


How do you get heaton on Pokemon platinum?

Its Heatran, and you can get him at stark mountain.

Were do you find heatran on Pokemon White?

You cannot find Heatran in Pokemon White. But if you have it in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum you can simply trade it.

Where is heatran on Pokemon Platinum?

You can find Heatran at Stark Mountain after 24 hours from getting its data

Where do you find heatran in soul silver?

Heatran can only be caught in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Where is heatran in Pokemon platinum?

heatran in inside Stark moutain, which is only available after you get the national pokedex.