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go to sunnyshore city if u haven't yet

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Q: What do you do after you catch uxie azelf and mesprit?
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Where do you catch azelf mesprit and uxie on SoulSilver?

sorry man, but you cant get a azelf uxie or mesprit in Pokemon soul silver...

Do you have to have uxie and azelf in your party to catch mesprit?


Were do you catch latios in soulsilver?

the way you catch azelf mesprit and uxie.

How do you find pokedex info on mesprit azelf and uxie?

Catch them?

Where can find azelf uxie mesprit when they flee?

When you catch dialga/palkia or defeat them, you can catch azelf and uxie in the lakes.Mespirit will flee so you gotta get a poketech radar to track it down.

What legendaries can you catch without beating the game in pearl?

Mesprit Azelf Uxie Palkia

Who is mesprit azelf and uxie?

they are the three legendary trio of lakes they live in three lakes azelf in lake valor mesprit in lake verity and uxie in lake acuity

Can Mesprit Azelf and Uxie talk?


In Pokemon Platinum Version what type of pokeball do you use to catch Azelf Uxie and Mesprit?

In Pokemon Platinum Version, what type of pokeball do you use to catch Azelf Uxie and Mesprit?Use dusk balls and timerballs later on, use a pokeball if u want, for mesprit it's a quick ball.

Can you fight mesprit uxie and azelf before you fight Dialga?

yes you can and you can catch them after you catch dialga/palkia/giratina

What lake do you catch the red gyardoes in platinum version?

you catch it at lake varity with the three of them mesprit uxie azelf

What do you do after realeasing uxie mesprit and azelf from the galactic HQ?

you go to Mt. cornet and catch the Legdenary