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There are various things you can do after defeating the Elite Four which vary from version to version. The following is what can be done, specific to each version released so far.

In Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, your main objective is to defeat the Elite Four. Thus, after you have done this, there are only so many options left in the game to complete. It is recommended that you complete the Pokedex by catching (or otherwise obtaining) all 151 Pokemon. Once this is done, there is nothing much more to do than build your team and take on the Elite Four once more.

In Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, you are able to do a few more things once you have become the region's champion. You can still enter the contests on the radio, catch bug Pokemon every Tuesday and Thursday in the National Park, breed Pokemon and fill the National Pokedex. Of course, there is also the option of battling Red in Silver Cave. Once you have defeated the Elite Four, Kanto becomes an area in which you can explore. The objective here would be to collect the 8 Kanto badges and face the elite Four once again. It is at this point that Silver Cave opens for you.

In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, defeating the Elite Four opens up the Battle Tower and various options around Hoenn which allow you to obtain legendary Pokemon. Sky Pillar is unlocked, and Rayquaza awaits your capture. Latias and Latios are released into the wild in their respective versions. Of course, there are always the options of breeding Pokemon and even entering contests. Emerald is a special case in which there are various battle facilities open for you to master, even after you have defeated the Elite Four.

In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, access to a group of new islands is granted, giving you an opportunity to explore new regions and capture Pokemon more native to Johto. There is also the mini quest of fixing the trading port on One Island so you are able to trade Pokemon between FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. There is also a mini games kiosk on one of the island which offers small games for you to play with friends. As with previous versions, you are also now able to capture various legendary Pokemon.

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, there are still the options of breeding, contests and the Battle facilities. Of course, there is a new island containing the Fight, Survival and Resort areas. There are also more chances to capture legendary Pokemon (moreso than previous versions), resulting in a few mini plots after you defeat the Elite Four. The option of completing the National Pokedex - with a staggering 493 Pokemon to be captured - is always available.


The bottom answer is completely wrong in every sense, first of all, you get Pal Park after beating the Elite Four and getting your Pokedex upgraded to National level. Also Darkrai is only obtainable via a Nintendo Event in either Japan or US.

In Pokemon Blue, you can go and get Mewtwo from Cerulean Cave. Once getting Mewtwo, you need to catch every Pokemon in the game to fully complete it. This involves trading from Red. You can also use the MissingNo hack to get better Pokemon to beat the Elite Four numerous times.

After you beat the Elite Four, in Yellow, go aboard the S.S. Anne to take you to another region.


Well, after the Elite Four, if you have seen all 210 Pokemon then you can get your Pokedex upgraded by Professor Rowan. This gives you access to Pal Park, and Pokemon from other games. This also gives you access to more Pokemon Fossils underground, such as Kabuto, from the Kanto region....

Also, talk to Sailor Eldrich's kid, in the house right near the port in Canalave city, he should mention something about Darkrai, and darkness. Then talk to the Sailor's wife, then to Sailor Eldrich (the man who takes you to Iron Island..) The little boy would say soemthing mlike dark....dark..... becasue darkrai had just given him an nightmare. the the sailor will say go to full moon or new moon island and get this wing . when you get there, there will be cressilia and she will run away and drop this wing and you have to take it to the sailor.
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Q: What do you do after you beat the Elite Four?
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Do you need to beat the elite four before you get raqaza?

In Ruby and Sapphire yes you need to beat the Elite Four first, but in Emerald you can catch Raquazza before or after you beat the Elite Four.

Do you have to beat the elite four to get to pewter city?

Yes. You must beat the Elite Four to get anywhere in Kanto.

What do you do when you beat the elite four?

you have to beat the champion

What do you need to be an elite beat agent?

beat the elite four 900 times

What do you do on FireRed after you beat the elite four?

After you beat the elite four you... Gotta Catch'em All! Gotta Catch'em All!

Can you still get zerkom if you get beat by the elite four in Pokemon white?

You need to beat the elite four before you can get Zekrom.

Can you still use azure flute after you beat the elite four?

No you can't use the azure flute after you beat the elite four

How do you catch national pokedex Pokemon FireRed?

You have to catch at least 60 Pokemon and you have to beat the elite four including your rivalyou get it from oak after you beat the elite four and the elite four champion

Where do you see red after you beat elite four will?

You cannot see Red after you beat Will in the Elite Four. Red is only found at the summit of Mt. Silver. He cannot be found in the Elite Four.

Does the elite four close when you beat it twice?

No, it does not. you can challenge the Elite four as much as you like.

How do you get a fishing pole on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You wait until you beat the elite four and professor Elm will give it to you when you beat the elite four.

What do you do in Pokemon Emerald?

Beat all the gyms until you get to the elite four CRUSH THOSE ELITE FOUR PEOPLE and you will battle steven beat him and you beat the game