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No you can't use the azure Flute after you beat the elite four

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Q: Can you still use azure flute after you beat the elite four?
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How do you find the azure flute in Pokemon pearl?

you have to beat the elite 4 first

Do you have to complete Pokemon platinum for the azure flute to work?

you need to beat the elite 4 and have the national dex

If you have the Pokemon Platinum Azure flute before you beat the game will it still trigger the event after you beat the game?


What do you do with azure flute in Pokemon diamond?

go to spear pillar and walk up you will play the azure flute stairs will apear go up it and you can battle arceus p.s you need to beat the elite 4 to get there hope this info helps :-)

When is the next special event for the azure flute in Pokemon pearl?

Type your answer here... when you have the azure flute and beat the elite four go to spear pillar it asks to play the azure flute then in opens a huge staircase called HALL OF ORIGIN at the top you can catch arceus make sure you have a master ball to catch it. HAPPY ARCEUS CATCHING!

Can you still catch arceus after you battle Giratina on pokemon platinum?

as long as you haven't beat it yet and you have the azure flute, you can.

Is it true that if you beat the Pokemon league 10 times they give you the azure flute?

no you can get it with action replay or special event but beware it is at lv 80!!!!!!!!!!!! get at spear pillir with azure flute

Can you catch archeus with the azure flute before you defeat the champion on Pokemon Platinum the first time?

In Pokémon Platinum, you would be able to catch Arceus in the Spear Pillar provided you have the Azure Flute before you beat Cynthia, the Pokémon League Champion for the first time however the Azure Flute cannot be found in the games and the Azure Flute was never distributed.

How To Get The Azure Flute In Pokemon Diamond?

After you beat the champion you got a new place. Go there and go to the pokemart. You will see a police man. Talk to him and you will get the azure flute. Then you can go to the spear pillar. Blow the flute. You will find a legendary pokemon. I forgot its name.

How do you get the Azure Flute in Buck's house in Pokemon Platinum after you beat the Gym Leaders for the second time?

You don't. The Azure Flute is a special item that you can't get in-game, you can only get it through a Nintendo event or via a cheating device.

In pokemon diamond where can you get the azure flute?

The Azure flute (or Heaven Flute directly translated from Japanese) is an avent item used to find Arceus. Nintendo sponsors these events and in GameStop is the store that usually hosts them. The avent is over, the only way to get Arceus or the Azure Flute is to trade it or use an Action Replay code, which I do not have, because I don't need the Action Replay to beat a game.

How do you get shaymin with the azure flute?

Beat the elite 4. Go into victory road. There should be a cave where A man used to stand in front of. Go through it. Make sure you have defog, surf, strength, and rock smash. When you finally get through the cave (it's hard!) you'll find route 224. Surf across the sea there. You will come across a big, shiny rock. Play the azure flute. There you go!