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If you are talking about the 8th gym leader in Johto, you go to New Bark Town, surf east, and go to the Pokemon League.

If it's the 8th gym leader in Kanto, go to Saffron City to receive a Hoenn starter from Steven Stone.

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Q: What do you do after you beat the 8th gym leader in heart gold?
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I went ahead and beat the 8th gym leader how do beat the 6th gym leader if there is no secret potion at the store in heart gold?

the potion is in the pharmacy in cianwood city

How do you find the 8th gym leader on Heart Gold?

In Blackthorn City.

How can you challange the 8Th gym leader in heart gold?

Clair is in Blackthorn City, you can battle her straightaway

What does the 8th gym leader want you to do in heart gold?

if you you meant after you beat her,go to the dragons den on the back of the need surf and have to past the test the master tell you(clairs grandfather).

In Pokemon heart gold what are the best Pokemon to beat the 8th gym leader?

use a garchomp that you could trade from a sinnoh game (platinum, diamond, or pearl) i used a lvl 53 and kicked they're butts.

How do you get dragon Pokemon in dragon den in gold?

you must beat the 8th gym leader and she will grant you passage to dragons den

What badge do you need to use waterfall in Pokemon gold?

you need to beat the 8th gym leader in blackthorn city. glad to be of service.

Where to get water pulse TM in ruby Pokemon?

8th gym leader

Who do you battle on Pokemon heart gold to get rid of the workers south of fuchsia city?

just defeat blue, the 8th gym leader

Where is the 8th Kanto gym leader in Heart Gold?

u will find him on Cinnabar Island near the northern side. But he won't battle you until you beat Blaine over at Seafoam Islands. hen go talk to him and he will return to his gym where you can then battle him.

How do you get the eighth badge in emerald?

Beat the 8th Gym leader.

How do you get the 8th gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

you beat the gym leader