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challenge the saffron gym (psychic type gym leader)

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Q: What do you do after you beat team rocket at silph co?
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How do you get in Sabrinas gym?

Beat the team rocket boss in silph co.

How do you beat team rocket in saffron?

Beat the boss in silph co he's on the 11th floor.

Where is master balls in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to beat team rocket in silph co and beat giovani.

Where can you get a silph scope in Pokemon Blue version?

you have to finish the team rocket part in Silph co. and beat Giovanni.

How do you beat team rocket to get the silph scope in Pokemon Blue?

You must get to the top floor in Silph Co. and beat Giovanni. Once the battle is won talk to the President of Silph Co. to receive the Silph Scope.

How can you get into the saffron city gym in Pokemon FireRed gba?

You have to beat team rocket in Silph Co

How can you enter silph co building in Pokemon Blue?

beat team rocket's hideout in celadon city, defeat erika and enter silph co. :) hope i helped

What to do after the fifth gym FireRed?

Go to Saffron City and beat Team Rocket in The Silph Co. Building

How do you get in silph co building in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You must beat team rocket at Pokemon tower and the rocket hideout then get the 5th badge.

Where is the team rocket leader in Silph Co?

Team Rocket leader Geovonni is on the eleventh floor of the Silph CO. tower but you must take a teleporter to get to him.

How do you get past the guard in front of the silph co office building?

You must get the silph scope and poke flute plus beat team rocket at the celadon game corner and Pokemon tower then you can go in silph co.

On Pokemon Red what do you when youbeat the Fuchsia city gym?

Go to Saffron and beat Team Rocket in the Silph Co. Building.