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you got to use HMO5fly and strength to go to Mt. coronet u will see him there

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Q: What do you do after you beat Cyrus in galactic HQ?
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Where is the masterball on Pokemon Platinum?

You get a masterball after you beat Cyrus in the galactic HQ

Where in spear pillar is Cyrus?

Cyrus will be in Spear Pillar after you beat Commander Saturn at the Team Galactic HQ.

Where do you find a masterball in Pokemon platinum?

After you beat Cyrus at the Galactic HQ, he will give you one Master Ball.

Where is Cyrus on Pokemon Pearl?

Cyrus is in the galactic veilstone HQ and spear pillar.

How do you get a poke ball to captur any Pokemon?

Cyrus will give it to you after you beat him in the Galactic HQ. It'll come automatically you can't miss it.

In Pokemon you went to get diagla but diagla was not there?

beat Cyrus at galactic HQ free there beings then go to spear pillar and there's diagla

Where do you get a master ball from Cyrus?

In the galactic HQ in veilstone city.

Where can you get a master ball Pokemon pearl?

You get a Master Ball from Team Galactic Boss Cyrus at the Galactic HQ.

How do you beat team galactic HQ in Pokemon pearl?

beat the leader.

How do you get to the top of galactic HQ in Pokemon?

You just have to beat all of the galactic grunts and you will be at the top.

How do you get masterballs platinum?

Cyrus gives it to you in the team galactic HQ in veilstone city.

How do you get into the galactic HQ in velistone city?

beat two galactics