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Q: What do you call the stick you hit a golf ball with?
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How do you beat level 8 of civiballs?

1. drop the highest up gray ball and let it hit the green one 2.when the green ball is on the right of the screen let it fly and hit the first gray ball, the green should fall into the vase if not click restart and try again, the gray ball will hit the second gray ball and go into the cannon which will shoot out and hit the red

What words beginning with r used in sports?

racket (tennis, and other sports use a racket to hit the ball)rain delayrallyrange finder (golf, measures how far a player is from a hole)rearguard (hockey defenseman)reboundreceiverrefereereflex volleyrelief pitcherright wing, right tackleringing the pipe (hockey term for a hard hit shot that hits the goal post or crossbar, not a goal)ripple the twine (term for goal in hockey)road gamerookierough (golf, grass that borders the fairway, taller and more coarse than the fairway)roughing the passer (football)rosterroundhouse curve ball (baseball, term for a particular pitch)rugbyrulesrub of the green (golf ball hits or is stopped by a third party object)runnerring (Winners of the superbowl earn a ring.)ring (wrestling matches and boxing matches take place in a ring.)

How do you get smash ball?

when fighting you have to hit it then activate with the button according to your console

How do you detach a ball capsule in Pokemon?

first,you go to a PC,then go in your mail.Go to ball capsules,then go to a ball capsule you want your Pokemon to get out a, then hit REMOVE.that gets your Pokemon out of the ball capsule

How do you beat level13 on IQ ball?

You hit the mail box over so it hits the seesaw which sends the IQ ball flying.

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Why is golf easy?

All you need to do is hit a ball on a stick with another stick and try to get it through a whole.

If you hit a golf ball in on the 2nd shot and it is a par 4 what is the call?


What did Romans call golf?

Nothing. The game of golf was not played in Roman times although they had a game called "paganica" in which a ball was hit with a bent stick. The rules and objectives of this game are unclear. The modern game of golf was not invented util the 15th century.

Can you hit a tee from under the golf ball?

yes. it is possible to hit the tee with out moving the golf ball it just depends on how you hit it

Who invented the golf ball typewriter?

Aja Lily EllsworthHalloway did, in 1657. She was walking around with walking stick and found a large fruit shaped like a ball and stuck the stick in it the found another on of those fruits and hit like a golf club would today. She called it hit the ball with the stick and fruit (she called the golf club which she didn't know what is was then a sticking club and she called her so called game hit the fruit. then later on around 1982, it was called golfing, and the tool used for golfing is what we call now a golf club.

Would a golf ball explode if hit with a hammer?

No the golf ball was designed to be hit hard. Why would a hammer produce a result different than being hit by a golf club?

What is the truth about golf according to AJ Golf?

hit the ball

How is a golf ball used in golf?

you hit it with a golf club on the ground or on a peg

How is golf played and what are the basic rules of golf?

In golf you get a stick with metal on the end and try to hit a ball into a hole. You cant throw the ball or kick it (as some basic rules) and there are different clubs for different shots you need to make. Its very frustrating and i do not recommend you take it up.

Why do i get bruises the size of golf balls?

Were you recently hit by a golf ball?

How do you you called a long thing to hit the golf ball?

A golf club

Can you sue for getting hit by a golf ball on a golf course?