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you have to dive underwater by sootopolis city and you have to go in the little cave underwater where youll find the sud and then you surface there.

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Q: What do you after team aqua takes the submarine in sapphire?
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Where is team aqua after you see their submarine in sapphire?

Go to the submarine and press B. You'll notice you can get up there. If you are above, you'll need to explore a cave with team aqua in it.

Where do you find a master ball in sapphire?

it is in team aqua's base (the one where they had the submarine)

Where to find team aqua in pokemon sapphire?

you dive under water and if there submarine is there you have to go in and get to Archie

Where do you find team aqua after they steal the submarine in Pokemon Sapphire version?

you will find team aqua in the under water cavern near the dive point in sootopolis

Where can you find the submarine Pokemon Sapphire?

Go back to Slateport town. Inside the ferry building, you will find captain stern and the submarine being robbed by Team Aqua.

How can you get in the submarine in Pokemon Sapphire?

Answer: You don't. The reason that you get HM08 in Mossdeep City is for going underwater, not the sub that gets stolen by Team Aqua.

Where is team aqua with the submarine?

In the bay

Is aqua's base on Ruby?

there is no team aqua on ruby. Aqua is only on Sapphire and emerald. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Where is team aqua's hideout sapphire?

You can find team aqua's hideout in the east side of Lilycove City in Pokémon Sapphire.

Can you be team aqau or magma in Pokemon Sapphire?

No, you cannot be a member of Team Aqua / Team Magma in Sapphire.

How do you stop team aqua when they steal the submarine?

You don't

What do you do when team aqua goes to lilycove with the harbors sumberine sapphire?

In the aqua's hideout