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To hear the different sounds you would be better to visit random rooms on Moshi Monsters, discovering all the different Moshlings.

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Q: What do all the moshlings sound like on moshi monster?
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How do you get moshling food on moshi monsters?

You can not feed your moshlings, but you can walk them if you are a Moshi Member. Moshlings are kind of like pets for your pet monster!

Why does Poppet love moshlings?

Poppet is a Moshi Monster. Like all Moshi Monsters, Poppet likes moshlings because they are pets for the monsters to care for and play with.

Do moshlings cry on Moshi Monsters?

Each moshling makes a sound. Some moshlings may sound like they are crying.

What are the moshi monster moshlings called?

They're called moshlings, but there are different kinds, like fishies, ponies, foodies, etc.

How do you sniffed the yellowlove berries on moshi monster?

Moshlings sniff the berries and if they like them, they stick around in your garden.

Is every moshling off moshi monsters a baby?

No, the Moshlings on Moshi Monsters are pets for your Moshi Monster. Some of them are babies, but only a few, like Lady Goo Goo.

What moshlings like what flowers?

Google "Moshi Monster Moshling Codes" and TONS of results will come up. They will give you a list of ALL the flowers ALL the moshlings like. Hope this helps!

Are ShiShi and Jeepers in love with each other on Moshi Monsters?

No. Moshlings such as ShiShi and Jeepers are pets and like their monster owners.

What do you do with your moshlings on moshi monsters?

You play with them! they are your pets but you don't have to like feed them because they take care of themselves. you moshlings could make you popular! When u click on them they will make a sound.

What do you get when all the moshlings like your cupcake in moshi?


What plants attracts moshlings on moshi montser?

like what

How long do moshlings live for on Moshi Monsters?

Moshlings are virtual creatures just like your monsters. They will be around for as long as you have your account on Moshi Monsters or as long as the Moshi Monsters game exists.