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According to the Millon dollar money drop it's Gambling.

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Q: What do America adults spend more money on gambling movies or video games?
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Do American adults spend more money on movies video games or casino gambling?

Casino Gambling

Which of these do American adults spend the most money on annually casino gambling movie tickets or video games?

movies n video gams........

What types of games are available on Carnival cruise ships?

The types of games on a Carnival Cruise Ship varies. There could be casino games and gambling games for the adults, arcade and board games for the children and family, and there could be contests.

Why are movies and games rated but not books?

Some books are restricted to "adults only" such as pornography etc.

Is there gambling at Dave and Busters?

No, there's not gambling there. You can win stuff playing the games, but since they are games of skill it's not gambling.

Is Habbo gambling?

no AND yes you can play games that are gambling but you dont have to

Is more money spent on video games or gambling every year?


Why do movies have an R rating and Video games don't?

M and A are the video game ratings for Mature (17+) and Adults only (NC18)

What do American adults spend the most money on annually?

American adults spend most of their budget (about 34% according to the U.S. Dept of Labor) on housing. This includes mortgage or rent, utilities, household goods and furnishings. See the related link for a breakdown of the American budget.The answer to the Million Dollar Money Drop show (from the options of gambling, movie tickets and video games) was gambling.

What are some subcategories of Arts and Entertainment?

Some subcategories are: Museum, Adult Entertainment, Video Games, Movies, Music, Costumes, Cosplay, Role Playing, Gambling, Entertainers, Expositions and Fairs.

Who operates gambling table games?

The person in charge, or owning the gambling table is referred to as the 'Dealer'.

Name something you think America or Americans waste money on?

war/weapons lottery/gambling eating/drinking cars/gas clothes games/toys television