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yes :)

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Q: Are there any games for kids that look like they are for adults?
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What do the kids in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility look like?

Look on this website:

Is it better to have 2 or 3 kids?

2 because it's a lot easier to only have to look after 2 kids plus the adults instead of an extra one on board

Where can one find a good review for kids online games?

One can find a good review for kids online games on the games site themselves. Most online game websites for kids will have a section where you can read feedback about different games and sites. You can also use yahoo answers to look at some thoughts people have on different online kids games.

Where can one look online to find free kids games?

If someone is interested in looking for free online kid games, that someone can look at the following exampled sites: omgpop, Miniclap, Disney, CartoonNetwork, and Nickelodeon.

Where can you go for a vacation with 2 kids and 2 adults?

Disney World or Land is always fun! Also, you could take a Disney cruise or any cruise. Most cruises are very kid friendly. If you are wondering if a cruise line is kid friendly you can look at their website and it will tell you what they have for kids to do. Most have a kids hang out place which is kinda like a free babysitter while you can go enjoy your vacation for a while without your kids. The beach is fun for kids and you can find a lot of activities to do around the beach area such as alligator zoo, shopping, hair braiding (for girls), or just swimming. hope this helps!

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Can kids go into E3 with an adult or is it for adults only?

No. It's 18+. I find it odd seeing that there's alot of kids games, but no. If you want to take your kid, or are a curious kid, Comic-Con is what you want to look for. People like to sneak in kids, but they are usually caught. Hope this helped!

Games like yo ville but for kids?

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Just like with adults, the kinds of foods that kids like vary from person to person. Kids often like foods that they can pick up and eat with their hands. Things that look fun and familiar to them. Sometimes it also helps get kids to try new foods if you let them help cook them.

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like a drink for adults

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Do salamander larvae look like adults?


How old are penguins when they look like adults?


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Where can one find typing games for kids?

Typing games for kids may be obtained on Amazon and Ebay. Alternatively one could look for flash games which offer typing games designed for kids specifically.