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Q: What did stage planks used to be called?
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What are cooking planks?

Cooking planks usually refer to planks of untreated wood used in the oven as opposed to grilling planks you'd expect you use on the grill or barb-be-que. Cooking planks and grilling planks are, in some quarters seen as the same term see www.superiorplanks. com, but I believe that cooking planks are generally thicker and used exclusively in the oven. Cooking planks can, depending on species, be used many more times than grilling planks....have used mine countless times and although it looks like it has beend used many times it will be used many times still. Trust this, at least partially, answeres your question.

What are each individual parts of political platforms called?


What is the push up called when you raise your legs?

side planks

What is the part of the microscope that supports the slide being viewed?

The part of the microscope that supports the slide being viewed is called the stage. It is where the slide is placed for observation under the lens of the microscope.

Is there another word means stage?

There are many uses of the word stage. A theatrical stage is sometimes called a deck. Another word for stage is platform. A scaffold is sometimes called a stage. Stage is used medically to mean the extent of an illness. as in 'stage 4' cancer. It can be a resting place on a journey or the height of a river, as in 'flood stage.'

What is an open air arena used to stage plays called?


How do you spell ceder planks?

cedar planks

What are cedar planks?

Cedar planks are wooden boards typically made from cedar wood that are used in cooking to infuse food with a smoky, aromatic flavor. They are often used in grilling or baking, with the food placed directly on the plank while cooking. Cedar planks are popular for cooking fish, vegetables, and other foods.

What simple machines were used to build pyrimind?

pushing them down on wood planks

Where are cedar grilling planks mostly used?

Cedar Grilling Planks are mostly used for barbeque and hot foods to be placed on. This is good equipment to protect your home and yourself from the hot surface or the knife while cutting the food.

How do you divide wooden planks on Minecraft?

Craft your wood into wooden planks, then simply right click your wooden planks.

What is the real name for Minecraft wooden planks?

The real name for minecraft wooden planks is Wood Planks but if you were to add what type that would be at the front ex. Oak Wood Planks...