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Q: What did rich people do for fun in the 1700's?
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What were the differences of the education rich people in the 1700s compared to the slaves in the 1700s?


Transportation in the 1700s?

During the 1700s, walking was the main type of transportation. But there are also horses and carriages that only rich people can afford.

How do you plat football in the 1700s?

they played it for fun

What were the features of the economy in new york in the 1700s?

is was rich =]

What did pioneers do for fun in the mid 1700s?

Hay rides

Why did Egyptians have a social class?

Because people either decided to be rich or make fun of poor people.

What did people look like in the 1700s in Connecticut look like?

Try googling "1700s people"

Why does Mitty Romney hate people who aren't rich?

He hates the less fortunate because if his rich friends find out that he supports the poor he would be made fun of.

What are the three causes of the French Revolution?

The French Revolution occurred in the late 1700s. There were several reasons why it happened. Specifically, France was deeply in debt, the people were being heavily taxed, and the poor were suffering and feeling resentful of the rich elites.

What do rich people do for fun?

Rich people can buy anything they want that makes them happy! Some millionaires have even bought a trip into space!

If you could take a trip to New York in the 1700s what could you do for fun?

u can fight Indians

In 1700s Latin American politics were dominated by?

In the 1700s, Latin American politics was dominated by the highest social class in the land. Only the rich could hold jobs in government and the church.