Is spineworld fun

Updated: 4/28/2022
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With 3 million members in Spineworld many people think it's fun.

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Q: Is spineworld fun
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Do you have to download spineworld?

no,u dont have to download spineworld

Where do find Spineworld game?


What happened to spineworld?

Spineworld has been replaced by Migoland.

Really fun game worlds for kidz?

There is club penguin,moshi monsters,marapets,ourworld,runescape and also spineworld

Is migo land good?

Migoland is kind of fun.... It was better before they changed it... Before they changed it, it was called Spineworld and had lots more stuff to do. Migoland is fun, but not the best website ever.

How do you join spineworld?

Go to spineworld . com (no spaces). Then click "Join Now!"

How can you be a citizen for free in spineworld?

Well, If you where with Playdo, where spineworld used to be located, (spineworld is now lulilab) and were still with them when spineworld first started then about 5 month back from october 2008 then you would have been a member for free. Hope that helps. Caly

Who made spineworld?

Spineworld is made by Playdo AB, a swedish company.

Best ages for spineworld?

The best ages for spineworld is fom 9 years to 18 years old.

Do you have to pay for Spineworld?

you do not need to pay for spineworld unless u want to become a member. In that case u need a credit card. Spineworld charges $5.99 a month in order of becoming a member.

What is better Habbo or spine world?

LOL! I've played both Habbo and Spineworld and when comparing the two, it really depends what you like. I mean, Habbo is kinda a hang-out place for teens in which you have to make a cool house, make friends and such; however, in Spineworld, it's a big adventure place where you play games, yet still meeting friends as it is online too! You really have to have your own tastes. The bad parts of Habbo is that: you don't really do anything on Habbo but meet friends and spend REAL money for Habbo money, you can't actually travel to places, you just click on where you want to go and poof you're there so there's no real part to it! The bad parts of Spineworld are: you are limited to your speech(you can only use "canned chat"). Overall, I'd rather have an adventure game like Spineworld as you travel, play fun games and although you are limited to your speech, it's still great fun to play! Oh, I forgot to mention: on Spineworld you can also do puzzling quests with is fun :D

How do you make money in spineworld?

You have to complete quests. Look for spineworld characters that have an exclamation (!) mark above them, click on them and they will give you a quest to do.