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there is NO PET SHOP OWNER!!!!!!ok peopel just say that to baoos you around trust me i have been on that game for 5 almost 6years ok ok and again there is NO PET SHOP OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What did pet shop owners go through to become a pet shop owners?
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How do you found out what breed your cat is?

Well, the pet shop owners should tell you, but if they didn't, you could browse through a book or the internet to identify your pet's breed.

What is the average annual income of pet shop owners?

The average annual income of pet shop owners will vary depending on a number of factors like the location of the shop. Most of them make an average of $19,0 per year.

How do you get your doodle on toon town to sleep?

ask one of the owners of the pet shop.

How do you become a pet shop worker?

You apply for a job.

In Bin Weevils how do you buy a pet?

you have to be a tycoon on bin weevils to buy a pet. To be a tycoon it is like being a member so you have to pay to become one. Once you are a tycoon you have to go to the bin mall and you have to go through a tube to get to a shop labeled "Bin pet shop" and in there you will be able to buy a bin pet.

How do you become a member in the pet shop on club penguin?

by buying a membership

What is the percentage of pet owners in Singapore?

As of 2007, there were approximately 152,600 pet owners in Singapore. It's not know what percentage of the population are pet owners.

What is a pet shop?

A pet shop is a shop where the employees sell pets.

When my child uses the Hasbro Littlest Pet shop toy what happens to the pet if she doesn't care for it?

It will become unhappy and the ratings will go down.

How do you get a pink persnicket in monster pet shop?

U feed it cupcakes PLEASE ADD GOLDFISHPET3 ON MONSTER PET SHOP THROUGH GAME CENTER! (I will grant your egg requests asap!)

Which are Fernando alonso's pets?

in the pet shop in the pet shop

What is the first littlest pet shop?

If you mean the first Littlest Pet Shop pet made, the answer is the tan Chihuahua, pet #1.