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I have a wireless thing hooked up to the back of my xbox360 that you can buy for about $100. This is the easiest way but you have to have your modem hooked up to a router which lets you have wireless acess to the internet.

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Q: What cord do you need to hook up the xbox 360 to the modem?
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How do you setup online play for halo ce online for xbox. do you need a cord to hook up to the Xbox or do you just scan the internet. How do you setup halo combat evolved otnline for Xbox?

You cant its not an online game. But Halo 2 is and you just hook an ethernet cord from the back of the xbox to your computer modem.

How do you get Internet on your xbox360?

ok to get internet or Xbox live on your Xbox you have to first have a modem and an Ethernet cord insert the cord into the modem and the xbox and then you should have internet

Can you hook your Xbox 360 to Xbox live without having a computer?

to connect to xbox live you need a router or a modem

What hardware do you need to get Xbox live?

Computer, modem, router, ethernet cord or wireless adapter, xbox, and a membership.

How do you hook up a xbox to a dsl modem?

You can connect your Xbox by wireless or wired (ethernet).

Can you hook your modem to your laptop to bridge connections and then hook laptop to Xbox for Xbox live?

Yes you can, that's how I play It's very easy. You need to connect the xbox to the laptop, right cllick on the xbox in the network folder and click start bridge connections

How do you set up Xbox Live. so i need to buy another Ethernet cable. one going from modem to x box and another going to computer?

you plug the ethernet cable in the back of the xbox and then you hook it up to the computer modem.

How do you connect a modem to your Xbox 360?

You have to connect it with a ethernet cord ... the cord looks like a phone cord but the tip (head) is much fatter...

Can you use your cellphone for Xbox live?

you need a x-box cord to hook up to your phone go to game stop

Can you hook the ethernet cord into your laptop right to your Xbox for Xbox live?

Nope. You must purchase xBox Live.

What is the cord called that an xbox 360 uses to connect to xbox live?

If your talking about a direct connection between the xbox and your modem, then it is an Ethernet Cable.

Can you use a work group switch to play Xbox live?

what you need to do is buy an ethernet cord to connect your xbox to the internet then you must pay for xbox live i have two x box's but modem have one ethernet port