What console is fallout 2 on?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Fallout 2 was not available on any gaming consoles and was only released for the Windows PC and Macintosh computer platforms.

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Q: What console is fallout 2 on?
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What console is fallout on?

on ps3 and xbox360 =)

Is there a difference between fallout 2 and fallout brotherhood of steel?

Fallout 2 was an isometric rpg, released in 1999(98?). Fallout BOS is a console rpg-action game released years later. It received negative reivews and is not considered to be canon by the Fallout series's current owner, Bethesda.

What are some cheats in Fallout 3 on 360?

There are no cheats or codes for Fallout 3 on a console.

What are the console codes for all the bobble heads on Fallout 3?

There are no cheats for the console versions of the game.

Is there a console command for all the weapons on fallout new Vegas?


Where do you get the soul caliber in Fallout 3?

You don't. It does not exist in fallout 3 without the use of the console and mods. ( Only for P.C )

How do you open the command console for Fallout New Vegas?

Console Commands can only be used on pc and they are opened by pressing the~ key

Which console should you buy Fallout New Vegas for?

The common consensus is PC is the best platform for most Bethesda games, including Fallout.

Can you use a joystick for Fallout 3 on the PC?

Joystick for Fallout 3?No, Fallout 3 is set up for use with keyboard and mouse on a PC.or you can have it on a console without a keyboard which is better known as a controller

Is it possible to use the resurrect code on Fallout New Vegas for xbox?

The console command codes cannot be used on a console (ironic much?)

Is fallout 2 for PlayStation?

no, fallout 2 is for pc.

Is there a fallout game for the PSP?

no there is'nt mate, They find it hard enough to get fallout on a console, let alone a psp. judging how glitchy the new fallout is on the xbox, im guessing it will still be quite a few years