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In order to play the classic NES game Super Mario Bros one needs to have a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or needs to download an emulator to play it on a device like a PC.

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Q: What console does one need to play Super Mario Brothers?
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How do you hack new Super Mario Brothers?

You'll need an Action Replay.

How do i turn into a statue in super Mario bros 3 wii you virtual console?

you need a certain suit

Super Mario Brothers or Super Mario Brothers 3 need answer soon?

Well, Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 are both great, nostalgic games that are great for people of all ages. But, Super Mario Bros is great because of the fact that it is so simple and basic, that it's fun. Super Mario Bros 3 is more advanced in music, graphics, and gameplay. So, Fun and Simple is Super Mario Bros, but Good-Looking and Challenging is Super Mario Bros 3.

Can you be luigi in new Super Mario Brothers?

Well............Yes, But, you need to press L & R. That is the only way to be Luigi in New Super Mario Bros.

How do you get to world 4 in Super Mario Brothers dsi?

You need to beat level 2 and 5 as a mini mario to get to them worlds

How do get from world5 to 7 on Super Mario Brothers ds?

You need to defeat Petey Pirhanna as mini Mario or mini Luigi.

How do you be a turtle on new Super Mario Brothers?

You need the blue shell. You can get it in one of those little red houses.

How do you complete super Mario brothers Wii?

really there is no cheats but if you need help I would recommend a 2nd player

How do you be waluigi in new Super Mario?

How do you get waluigi on super smash brothers melee?"

Can you play without the wii U on the new super Mario bros U?

No, you need a Wii U console to play Wii U games

How do you get world 4 and 7 in Super Mario Brothers ds?

You need to have defeated the castle course bosses in worlds 2 and 5 respectively with MINI MARIO (this is important).

Cheats for Super Mario brothers?

need clues on finiding all three magic whistles for mario 3 for the nintendo entertainment system please ant thank you for your help