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You need to defeat Petey Pirhanna as mini Mario or mini Luigi.

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Q: How do get from world5 to 7 on Super Mario Brothers ds?
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How do you get Yoshi on Super Mario Brothers ds?

you can not play as Yoshi in new super Mario bros DS

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Mario stars in an array of titles for the Nintendo DS. There are games where he fights Donkey Kong as well as the classic "Yoshi's Story." There are also games such as Super Mario Brothers.

How do you get bunnies in new Super Mario Brothers?

you cant.only in super Mario 64&super Mario 64 ds.

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The new super Mario brothers

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How you get world 9 on New Super Mario Brothers DS?

World 9 does not exist in New Super Mario Bros. DS

Does Super Mario Brothers 2 come in DS?

No, New Super Mario Brothers 2 is only for the Nintendo 3DS family

Are new Super Mario bros and new Super Mario Brothers DS the same?

Ya bros is brothers but in short version

Can you be toad in new Super Mario Brothers ds?

No you can play as Mario and Luigi.

How do you play as bowser in new Super Mario Brothers ds?

You cannot play as Bowser in New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS.