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The double word square is pink (including the center star square). The double letter square is light blue.

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2013-05-10 13:05:40
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Q: What colour is a double score on a scrabble board?
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What colour is the double word square in scrabble?

The double word score square in Scrabble is pink.

How many double letter score spaces are there on a scrabble board?

There are 24 double-letter spaces on a standard Scrabble board.

What is the middle star on a scrabble board worth?

It is a double word score square.

How many pink squares are there on a Scrabble board?

There are seventeen (17) pink squares, double word score, on a standard scrabble board.

What do the colors on a scrabble board mean?

The colors correspond to special squares such as double letter score and triple word score. Red: Triple Word Score Pink: Double Word Score Dark Blue: Triple Letter Score Light Blue: Double Letter Score

How many square spaces are there on a Scrabble board?

There are two hundred twenty five (225) squares on a standard scrabble board, broken down as follows: blank (ordinary) = 164 square triple word score = 8 square double word score = 16 square triple letter score = 12 square double letter score = 24 square star = 1 square

How many triple letter score spaces are there on a scrabble board?

There are twelve (12) triple letter score, dark blue squares, on a standard scrabble board.

What score in a game of scrabble would waltz get?

That depends on where on the board it was.

How many colored squares are there on a Scrabble board?

There are five (5) different colors on a standard scrabble board. The colors, its number of squares and score are: red (8 squares) =triple word score pink (17 squares) =double word score dark blue (12 squares) =triple letter score light blue (24 squares) =double letter score offwhite (164 squares) =single letter score Since 2008, the colours have changed red to orange pink to red dark blue to green light blue to blue

What does the star mean in the middle of a scrabble board?

The first word of the game must place a letter on the star. Also, the first word receives double score.

What do the coloured squares on a scrabble board represent?

They represent bonus spaces. If you lay a tile on top of one, during that turn when you score, you use whatever the bonus says... you double the score of that letter, or that word, etc.

What value is the centre square on a scrabble board?

It is the equivalent of a triple word score.

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