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they are a orange color

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Q: What color is the elite zealot in halo reach?
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How do you kill the elite zealot before he escapes in halo reach?

snipe it with a dmr cross mapin yo

How do you get zealot on Halo Reach?

you need to be the rank of captain

What grade in halo reach do you have to be to unlock a zealot?


What rank do you have to be to unlock the Zealot armour in halo reach?


How do you be covenant in halo reach?

You can only be an elite, nothing more just a spartan or an elite in halo reach.

What is the code for elite armor in halo reach?

We can not answer. You must have had to pr order halo reach to get elite officer armor.

What is the final enemy in halo reach?

No one except Bungie knows yet. Details that specific to the game have not been released yet.

How do you get field Marshall elite in halo reach?

Rank up to Lt.col in halo reach

How do you kick in halo reach?

You cant exactly kick in halo reach manually(using the controller) but you can kick as an assassination but only if you are an Elite assassinating a Spartan. I am not sure if you can kick assassinate Elite on Elite.

Can xbox 360 elite play halo reach?

Yes, the elite can play Halo: Reach as long as it's the Xbox 360 version. I don't think the PlayStation 3 has Halo, but I'm not sure.

Do you have to have xbox live to play as an elite in halo reach?

no,you can play as an elite on firefight and multiplayer

What are the new halo reach elite player models?

minor (stupid) spec ops (cool) ranger (amazing) ultra (freakin sweet) zealot (made of win) general (super awesome) and finaly field marshal (the best)