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We can not answer. You must have had to pr order halo reach to get elite officer armor.

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Q: What is the code for elite armor in halo reach?
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How do you get the officer elite armor in halo reach?

You simply have to reach the appropriate ranks. The Elite armor does not cost any extra cR.

What ranks do you have to be to get all the elite armor in halo reach?


How do you get elite armor in the Halo Reach BETA?

There is no way to get and different armor for Elites in the BETA.

What rank do you get the elite ranger armor in halo reach?

you get it at either corporal or below

When is Bungie making new Elite armor for Halo Reach?

it alredy came out

Do you preorder the game to get halo reach officer elite armor?

Yes, and since the game already came out youd have to buy an unused code for it.

Are the elites only in halo reach limited edtion?

No, but there is a limited edition elite armor that comes with it.

Is the halo reach armor code different every time?


What is the code to the Halo Reach Noble Six Helmet?

you start with it its the default armor

Can you get haybusa in halo reach?

No, there is no Hayabusa armor in Halo Reach.

What is the spartan armor when you buy halo reach legendary edition?

You get a code to unlock the flaming helmet With the Recon Helmet with U/A with possible shoulder pads (i don't remember) And the officer elite

If you pre order the halo reach xbox 360 does it come with the codes to get recon armor?

The console bundle will come with a token for a limited edition Elite armor.