What color is Arceus Draco Plate?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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dark blue

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Q: What color is Arceus Draco Plate?
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What is the best plate to make Arceus hold?

i would say Draco PLate because that way he can learn Draco meteor (if ARCEUS loves you enough)

Which raises the power of dragon moves more a Draco plate or a dragon's fang in Pokemon platinum?

Both are the20% but the Draco plate works for arceus

How do you change Arceus into a?

Give it an ancient plate to hold, you will find a number of these on you adventure. (e.g, a meadow plate makes arceus the grass type. Lets say you swapped items with Draco plate. Arceus is now a dragon type. )

What level does Arceus learn meteor blast?

I think you are mistaking "meteor blast", for meteor mash, or Draco meteor. Arceus can't learn meteor mash, but can learn Draco meteor by leveling it while it's holding the Draco plate.

What Pokemon is Arceus in Pokemon Pearl?

Arceus Is Normal type...But Its Multi-type Ability Makes It Become The Type Of The Plate... That It If You Give Arceus Flame Plate..It Will Become Fire Type And Give Him Draco Plate It Will Become Dragon Type...And So On

Can someone trade me a dark or Draco plate for my arceus?

You can find each plate somewhere in every game since Arceus' release. If you sold it, then just use normal Arceus. 1 weakness isn't too bad.

What is the bst Pokémon on Pokémon Platinum?

ARCEUS OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! HE CAN LEARN ANY MOVE ACCORDING TO HIS PLATE >>> EG Flame plate,Draco plate Ect.........................................................................................

How do you get all of arceus plate?

You can only get all of them by looking in all of sinnoh (i.e. behind the statue in eterna city is the Draco plate)

What does the Draco plate do on Pokemon platinum?

The Draco plate will increase a dragon-type move if held by a Pokemon. It will also change the type of arceus and its attack, judgement to dragon-type. Hope this helps!

What plates make arceus change color?

any of them but heres the list of them Insect Plate Dread Plate Draco Plate Zap Plate Fist Plate Flame Plame Sky Plate Spooky Plate Meadow Plate Earth Plate Icicle Plate Toxic Plate Mind Plate Stone Plate Iron Plate Splash Plate

What type of Pokemon is arcuss?

i think you mean arceus and its the type of plate its holding(ex:if its holdin Draco plate it would be dragon)if its not holding a plate its normal type hope that helped =)

What do you do with splash plate iron plate and Draco plate?

they can be used, along with the other plates, to change arceus' type or to power up their corresponding type when given to any other Pokemon