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well it depends on how big or expensive your toy puffle,penguin,board game or any Club Penguin item is.... hope this helps

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Q: What club penguin codes unlock 2 items?
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What are the code for on club penguin unlock items?

There are many club penguin toy codes.

Where do you log on codes for club penguin?

Unlock Items Online.

What are the codes to unlock items online for club penguin?


How do you unlock items with a book on club penguin?

by having a club penguin book and throughout the book there will be codes

How do you get codes for unlock items online in Club Penguin?

You have to buy the CLUB PENGUIN books or the Steffie's.Rockingirl60yep i will help you get the codes you can get them with teddies or You have to buy the CLUB PENGUIN books or the Steffie's.

What are some codes for unlock items in club penguin?

i have no idea dudes

What are the codes to unlock items with code on club penguin?

There are many codes on club penguin. Most of them unlock books and coins, and some unlock the treasure book, which is where you can unlock different rare clothing items. My suggestion is to look on google if you wanna get a book code. Book codes, only unlock the blue book and coins.

What are some codes to unlock free items on clubpenguin?

You can get codes on Club Penguin if you buy their toys.

Codes for Club Penguin to unlock new items?

pumpkin1 and cool m

Do they sell Unlock Items Online codes in Adelaide for club penguin?


What are some codes in club penguin unlock items?

You Need To Buy club penguin toy Or Book To Get A code Hope This Helps

What is all the club penguin codes with the unlock items thing on Club Penguin and what is just the main code?

You can buy a book or google Cub Penguin codes. There is no such thing as a main code.