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Azalea town. You know, with the Slowpoke Well

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Q: What city does Kurt live in soul silver?
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Where does the pokeball maker live on soul silver?

Kurt, the Pokeball maker, lives in Azalea Town on the NorthWest side.

What city or town is Kurt the poke ball creator in soul silver?

Azalea Town after you drive TR out of theslowpoke well.

Where is the poke ball maker in soul silver?

Kurt the poke ball creator is in Azalea Town, the lowest city on the Johto map.

Where is Kurt in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Kurt is in Azalea Town in Pokémon SoulSilver.

What city does Mr. Coronet live in in heart gold?

Mt.cornet is not in soul silver.

How do you get a heavy ball in soul silver?

Give a black apricorn to Kurt.

Where is enthrix city in soul silver?

no such thing not in soul silver

Where can you get a dusk ball in soul silver?

you go to Kurt and give him a certain berry

How does Kurt give you a master ball in Pokemon soul silver?

it's a hack

Soul silver where does bill live?

bill lives in a small hose west in goldenrod city

Can curt make a master ball in soul silver?

No, Kurt cannot make a Master Ball.

What is a moon ball?

in soul silver you cant make it.You have to get a yellow apricorn and give it to Kurt