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i am sorry i do not no what apricorn it is but you get from Kurt with some apricorn. White apricorn does the trick.

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Q: Where do you get fast balls on Pokemon Soul Silver?
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What are the top five best Pokemon balls in Pokemon soul silver?

IN MY OPINON master, ultra,heavy,great,net,fast.

Where can you buy fast balls on soul silver?

U can't buy fast balls but u can buy quick balls or maybe get them out of apricorns

How do you get suncine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can get suicune in soul silver after you defeat elite four on route 25 check the pokegear map. Have tons of fast balls

What pokeball should you use to catch Entei in pokemon soul silver?

lol i just beat morty i went out the gate and entei appeared and i used a fast ball from kurt and caught it. fast balls, quick balls at the start of the battle and ultra balls.

Where can you buy fast balls soul silver?

Answer:You cant buy fast balls, but you can have Kurt make them by giving him any number of Wht Apricorns in Azalea Town.

Where to train Pokemon fast level 20-40 soul silver?

trade them to heartgold

How do you fast forward time in Pokemon soul silver?

O.O you can't and why would you want to?

To make quick balls in Pokemon soul silver?

go to Kurt in azalea town and give him a white apricorn and wait a day for him to finish and he'll make you a fast ball

Get fast money in Pokemon soul silver?

you can battle trainers, elite 4, or use pokeedit

In Pokemon Silver How do You catch?

in Pokemon silver you can catch Pokemon as how you catch in other versions. in the Silver version is where the use of special Poke balls were introduced just like Fast Ball, Heavy Ball and Lure Ball.

What is the best ball to use to catch Suicune in Pokemon soul silver?

net ball, fast ball

In Pokemon soul silver can you catch Entei and raikou with an ultra ball when it's hp is red and it's asleep?

yes you can i got lucky and got enti with a POKEBALL! Nice, thank you! I caught mine with fast balls. -The person who asked this question.