What cheats are on ninja town ds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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none as far as im conserned

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Q: What cheats are on ninja town ds?
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What version of Action Replay do you need to play Naruto Path of a Ninja?

If you're talking about putting in cheats for Path of the Ninja, then get the DS version of AR.

Are there cheats for ninja gaiden black?

for all the ninja gaiden games, there are NO cheats!!... I've done some cheats in the first Ninja Gaiden.

Cheats for Naruto ninja destiny ds?

sorry, no cheats. I beat it the day I bought though. it's a bit easy. I just kept pushing buttons x, y, and b.

Where are cheats for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?

There are no cheats.

Does the Nintendo DS have a game called Fruit Ninja?

No, the Nintendo DS does not have Fruit Ninja

How do you enter cheats from the web directly to your Nintendo ds?

how do you enter cheats on ds

Are there cheats for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles foot clan street brawl?

are there cheats to ninja turtles street brawl and what are they

Is there a cheat in ninja gaiden?

not at all! in this game you have to proceed using no passwords or cheats...! MAN Yes there is cheats in Ninja Gaiden. I played both the games and you can use cheats in it. Maybe not so much in Ninja Gaiden 2 or Sigma 2, but the first Ninja Gaiden yes. I've done cheats there before.

Are there any cheats for the fruit ninja?


Are there cheats for transformers ds autobots?

=No but there are cheats you can unlock=

Are there any tower defense games for the Nintendo DS?

Ninja Town is a top notch tower defense game for the DS. Also, it's ridiculously cheap now! (It's stupidly funny!)

How do you activate the cheats on naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 3?

you can' there are no cheats