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No, the Nintendo DS does not have Fruit Ninja

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Q: Does the Nintendo DS have a game called Fruit Ninja?
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Does the dsi XL have a game called fruit ninja?


Can you get the game fruit ninja on laptop?


What is fruit ninja frenzy?

Fruit Ninja Frenzy is a game that is mostly being played on touch screen phones eg.iPhone

Which game is the most popular game on the iPhone?

Doodle jump and fruit ninja

What is the name of the game that allows you to slice fuirt?

Fruit Ninja

Does Naruto have a game out for Nintendo DS?

yes.The name of the naruto game is naruto ninja council 3

What is the fruit ninja wordrecord-?

A world record of 1,743 points is held by player Shaker Haider in the Fruit Ninja game.

How do you do the fantastic ninja in fruit ninja frenzy?

What r u talking about do u know how to play the game

What is the best Naruto game for the Nintendo DS?

its Naruto ninja destiny ll (2)

Where can you download fruit ninja game for corby 2?

leapster 2

Is fruit ninja the video game for the Playstation 3?

No it is only an app

Should I buy a XBOX marketplace game or get stuff for your avatar. The game would be Fruit Ninja Kinect.?

You should get fruit ninja because then you have a new awesome game that you can play, plus it's a good workout. Hope my advise helped.