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there are not any

use your brain and I'm sure you wont need to look for cheats

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Q: What cheat in the game virtual Kayla Quinn?
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What to say in the game virtual Kayla Quinn?

go to: when you're there unlock hardcore mode by saying "i am 18 or older" then type "strip" then use your imagination

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You don't.

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Yes, there is. There are cheats for every game that is virtual, and involves getting virtual money.

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this game sucks. ive literally tried for 2 weeks trying to get the gist of this game. it makes no sense and theres so many screwups.

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Yes it's a virtual game.

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Either keep Kate alive at the end of the game or use the dating service on the virtual internet.

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There is no game glitches that allow you to get "Instant" tech points ,but you can use Cheat Engine 6.1. It works if you know how to use it.

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There are many "Cool" virtual game sites.

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