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  • Beat All the gym leaders
  • Beat the Frontier Brains
  • And beat the league Four
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Q: What cheat code to get all legendary in Pokemon lake?
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What legendary pokemon is in lake valor?

The legendary Pokemon available in Lake Valor is Azelf one of the Legendary Lake trio. Happy Pokemon Catching J.R.

Where do you get Dialga in Pokemon lake?

action replay cheat code dude Pokemon modifire cheat here 94000130 fffb0000 12od9045 00000000

Can you get Palkia to come at any lake with a cheat code in Pokemon Rumble Blast?

no because no

What Is the at code for Pokemon Pearl legendary Pokemon?

After you get your 7th badge go to the lake. Then to the side of hearthome city that have Mt. Coronet and go to the top where the ruins is. Beat the two people and beat the boss and the legendary Pokemon will be waiting for you.

How do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon lake?

you have to get more then 45 gym to catch legendary Pokemon! deoxys is a legendary Pokemon

What legendary Pokemon are in in Pokemon lake?

You'll find The Lake Trio: Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf.

Where do you find a legendary Pokemon in lake?

in any map..........

What are the cheat codes for Pokemon lake?


How Do you find legendary Pokemon in Pokemon lake?

Beat 49 gym leaders(Or NPC's)go to pokedex,search a legendary pokemon,click the map it's in(on bottom of the Legendary)and you catch it

What legendary Pokemon lives in the lake?


Who is the rare Pokemon at valor lakefront in Pokemon pearl?

Azelf is the legendary Pokemon found a Lake Valor.

What legendary Pokemon can you get before you beat the elite four on platinum?

Giratina, and the 3 lake pokemon.