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You can use an iron, gold, or pre-existing diamond pickaxe to mine diamond ore or diamond blocks

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Q: What can you use to mine diamond in minecraft?
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What tool do you use to mine diamonds in minecraft?

To mine diamonds in Minecraft, you have to use an diamond or iron pick. Click and hold with your mouse on the diamond ore until it breaks. A block of diamond should come out of it and into your inventory. Then you have to cook it in your furnace to get diamonds.

What tool can you use to mine diamond in minecraft Pocket Edition?

an iron pickaxe will do.

What do you do to mine diamond in Minecraft?

To mine diamond ore, you must have at least an iron pickaxe. This will give you a diamond. Do not use stone or wood pickaxes. I think gold will work too.

What do mine diamond with in minecraft?

Ether a iron pick or an diamond.

What pickaxe do you need to mine coal in Minecraft?

You will need to use a iron or diamond pickaxe to mine diamond ore blocks.

What do you mine diamond with in minecraft?

An Iron Pick :)

Can you mine Obsidian with a diamond shovel in minecraft?

No, you need a diamond pickaxe to successfully mine obsidian, and it takes 15 seconds. With anything else it take a minute, roughly. If you do not use a diamond pickaxe you will not be able to mine the obsidian.

How do you get diamond gems for minecraft?

You have to firstly find a diamond ore then you can mine it, to do this you cannot use a stone or wood pickaxe, you need a diamond, iron or gold pickaxe.

Can you mine obsidian with a hoe in minecraft?

No. Only a Diamond Pickaxe can mine obsidian.

What do you mine redstone with in Minecraft?

You can mine redstone with an Iron, Gold or Diamond pickaxe.

What is the tool to mine a diamond ore in minecraft iPad version?

You mine diamond ore with a iron pickaxe or better, that means you can only mine it with iron or diamond picks.

How do you mine Ruby's in minecraft pe?

There is no rubies in minecraft pe but if your talking about diamond you have to mine it with a iron pickaxe. You can't use a gold pickaxe