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You need either an iron or diamond picaxe to mine gold ore

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Q: What can you us e to mine gold in the game minecraft?
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What is the largest gold mine in the US?

The RiverPine Mines

What became the largest producer of gold in the US?

Homestake Mine

The became the largest producer of gold in the US?

homestake mine

Where is the oldest continuously working gold mine in the US?

In my house

The became the largest producer of gold in the US.?

homestake mine

What are the top 5 best game websites in the US?


How much money does the full game of minecraft cost?

$29.95 I believe is the current price for mine craft One of my friends got for $6.00.

Where is a working gold mine in the US that is open to the public?

Thermal city gold mine in North Carolina The Mollie Kathleen Mine Tour in Cripple Creek, Colorado offers a tour which takes you into the mine 1,000 feet below.

How much money is it to buy minecraft for the PC?

Minecraft is $26.95 US Dollars. You can buy Minecraft in the related links below on their official site, if you wish to buy the game.

How can you mine for gold in the us?

dig a very very very very very deep hole and hope there's gold somewhere in it.

Is single player Minecraft free?

No. There is a free version you play on your web browser, but I believe you can't save the game. Minecraft is only $26 US so it's still a great buy for your money. Minecraft now has Multiplayer combined into the game now so when you go into single player you can open the game to your friends at any time.

Where is a good place to mine gold ore in RuneScape in the US?

Go under the dwarf mine by the rope near mining cart. Find map on google to see which places have gold. There is a chance to get double ores there also if you qualify.