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Evolve seadra into kingdra by trading him when he's holding it.

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Q: What can you do with dragon scale emerald?
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How do you get a dragon scale in emerald?

it is usaully held by a horsea

How rare is a dragon scale in emerald?

it is worth about 2.5 billion dollars

How does seadra evolve on Pokemon emerald?

give it a dragon scale, and trade it.

When does seadra evolve in Pokemon emerald?

simply give it a dragon scale and trade it...

How do you get a dragonscale in Emerald?

A wild Bagon has 5% chance of holding a Dragon Scale.

How do you evolve seadra in Pokemon Emerald?

trade it while holding a dragon scale.

Where can you find a dragon scale in emerald?

in the last bage place some wher in a corner

Where can you found dragon scale in Pokemon emerald?

The poke on bagon caries the item dragon scale. To find a bagon, go to the back room of the meteor falls cave. Finding a bag on is 25% and dragon scale is about 5% of those, so be patient

Dragon scale in Pokemon emerald?

The Dragonscale is an item in Pokemon Emerald version. There is a chance that certain Pokemon such a Horsea will be holding one when you catch it.

What does the dragon scale do in Pokemon emerald?

if u give it to seadra (the sea hourse pokemon) and trade it it will evolve

What level does seadra evolve into Kingdra in Pokemon emerald version?

you have to trade a seadra while it is holding a dragon scale

Does Seadra Evolve?

yes evolve to kINGDRA by a dragon scale was it? A: yup you need to trade the seadra while making it hold a dragon scale. A: Yup. In order to get a dragon scale go catch either a Baggon either a Horsea. You have a 5% chance, those Pokemon have a dragon scale attached on it's bagon. thank you and you can't catch a seadra in emerald, sapphire or ruby