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give it a dragon scale, and trade it.

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Q: How does seadra evolve on Pokemon emerald?
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How does seadra evolve on Pokemon emerald 386?

Seadra can be evolved into Kingdra by using a water stone

What level does seadra evolve into Kingdra in Pokemon emerald version?

you have to trade a seadra while it is holding a dragon scale

When does seadra evolve in Pokemon emerald?

simply give it a dragon scale and trade it...

How do you evolve seadra in Pokemon Emerald?

trade it while holding a dragon scale.

What level does horsea evolve into seadra in Pokemon emerald?

It evolves at level 32.

Were do you get a KINDRA on emerald?

to get kingdra you cant evolve it from seadra by gaining lvls, instead you have to make seadra hold a kings rock and trade the seadra to another pokemon game and it will evolve into kingdra

Which level does seadra evolve on on Pokemon emerald?

train it to lvl 38 and trade it then pickaboo it will evolve into kingdra

What does the dragon scale do in Pokemon emerald?

if u give it to seadra (the sea hourse pokemon) and trade it it will evolve

How do you get seadra to evolve into seaking on Pokemon Red?

Seadra does not evolve into Seaking. Ever. Period.

What is a Pokemon dragon scale?

An item that, when held by a "seadra" whilst trading it, will evolve it into a "kingdra". (Part of the completion of the emerald pokedex)

How do you evolve sedra in pokemon pearl?

You can evolve Seadra by giving it a Dragon Scale and then trade it. Seadra will then evolve into Kingdra.

How do you evolve seadra in pokemon?

Seadra will evolve when you trade it while it holds the item Dragon Scale.