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After you beat the elite 4 you are able to go to the Battle Frontier which is where you fight to win battle points, cymbols and berrys. you can also get groudon and kiogre.

1: talk to a guy in the place where they give you castform.

2: he says there is unusual rain or sun. go there and look around.

3: find them and catch them.

hint: kiogre is behind the town with the rocket place. you need dive to get to kiogre.

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Q: What can you do after you beat the elite 4 on emerald?
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Where do you get ferry tickets in emerald?

after u beat the elite 4

Do you have to beat the elite 4 in emerald before you catch Groudon and kyogre?


Pokemon emerald when do they finish building the ferry?

after you beat the elite 4

Is this a good team for emerald elite 4?

A good team to beat the elite 4 is Pokemon in the levels 50-100.

What do you do after you beat the elite four 21 times in emerald?

Nothing Ive beat the elite 4 125 times and nothing has happened that is special

What to do when you have the eight badges on emerald?

O to evergrande city to beat the elite 4

Will anything happen after you beat the elite 4 50 times in Pokemon emerald Version?

no no

Can you beat the elite 4 in emerald with a level 1 Pokemon?

good luck, i douth it.

What are the best Pokemon to have in your party when facing the elite four in Pokemon emerald?

Fire and water are the best combination to beat the elite 4.

How do you beat the last elite four on Pokemon Emerald with a lvl 74 swamert?

how to beat Pokemon emerald

How can you to trade with Pokemon emerald in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to beat the elite 4 on both of the games in order to trade

What level is rayquazza on in emerald?

Rayquaza is at Lv. 70 after you beat the Elite 4 & champion at Sky Pillar