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Q: What can I do to actually save Pokemon heart gold on Nogba without the emulator crashing I can't play the game because I can't save and all my emulator settings are right for platinum why not HG?
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Where are the wifi settings in no gba emulator?

So far, no emulator can do wifi. Not even on laptops and netbooks.

What are the mac controls for the old super Mario 3 game?

It depends on the settings you set for your emulator. Go into your emulator and go to the controller settings area to set the controls.

How do you blow into a Nintendo DS emulator?

check the settings of the emulator, there might be a setting for that, otherwise you'll have to buy the game.

Why cant i move in Kirby 64 rom?

Check the control settings of your emulator.

How do you set the controls on your Nemu64 emulator with no OK or Apply button?

Just select each button and hit the Close button. The emulator will automatically remember those settings.

How do you press select in gba emulator?

Assign a button or key to the "select" command in the controller configuration settings.

Why your NOGBA 2.6 have black screen?

because it is an emulator and most of them cannot always run any ROM. you can start changing the settings but I'll recommend that you use the most compatible emulator right now(=DeSmuMe)

What are compatible games for pcsx2 emulator?

many games will run, its all about finding the right settings to make it all work

How can I fix the snes9x emulator it stopped working when the sound settings were changed?

If it doesn't crash when you start it up you can just change the settings back to what they were before. If it does you might need to delete your configuration file.

How do you make it so that it isn't dark permanently in norfair when fighting crocomire in Super Metroid?

In the original SNES release, the crocomire fight was fully lighted and colored. If you are playing on an emulator, the problem exists with your computer, the ROM, or the emulator's configuration settings. Unless you can pinpoint the problem, you should consult the emulator's (or ROM's) forums.

Why wont nogba work on Pokemon platinum?

You aren't being very specific, but a common problem is that you have the wrong setting for you NDS backup. -Open Platinum in No$, press F11 to open Emulation Settings (or click Options, then Emulation Settings). -On the left, near the bottom, is a drop-down menu labeled "NDS Cartridge Backup Media." Chances are, yours is set to one of the EEPROM. -Platinum uses FLASH, I think 256k, but I'm not positive. Flip around with that menu for a bit, resetting the emulator in between changing it. That might fix it. -If that's not what was wrong, you should have been more specific with your question. Try asking again, with more details.

How do you make Minecraft stop crashing?

When you start up the Minecraft Launcher, above 'Log In' is 'Settings'. In the Settings, select 'Force Update', then 'Done'. It will re-download the minecraft.jar, wiping any changes you have made to it.