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Either a Cat 5 or Cat 6 ethernet cable will fit the PS3 ethernet outlet. You must also have something to plug the cable into that is connected to the internet, for instance a router or modem.

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Q: What cable do you need for online on a PS3?
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Is PS3 online?

you can make it online but you need the interenet cable or wirelles Yes if you have an ethernet cable/Wireless the best new answer on <a href="">keyboard for ps3</a>

If I hAVe my PS3 settings set to HD cord will it not work with AV cable?

The AV cable that comes with the PS3 is not for HDTV set up. You need to purchased a HDMI cable or a Sony PS3 component cable and then it should work.

How do you find HDIM cable to a normal cable for ps3?

You don't need to. The PS3 comes with the A/V cable that has HDMI input for the side that goes into the PS3 and three RCA color coded plugs on the other side. If you want to use a HDMI cable all that is needed to to purchase one and plug it in to your HDTV HDMI input and into the PS3 If you want another cable that came with the PS3 ask around everyone using the PS3 with a HDMI cable has an unused PS3 A/V cable stuff somewhere

Can you use 02 broadband to connect your PS3 online?

Any broadband should be fine, you don't need a special ps3 broadband. You can connect wirelessly via the inbuilt wifi or with an ethernet cable to a router.

Would it work if you connected an Ethernet cable to a modem and then to a ps3 to play on line?

If for instance you have a PC connected to the internet with an ethernet cable at a cable modem you can unplug the ethernet cable to the PC at the modem and Plug in a ethernet cable from the PS3 to the modem and a connection to the internet is possible. If the PC and PS3 are close enough you can just unplug the PC ethernet cable at the PC and move it over to the PS3. The first time you do this you need to go to the PS3 network setting and auto set the network settings. When you are done using the PlayStation 3 you just unplug the ethernet cable for the PS3 from the modem and plug the PC cable back into the modem for the PC to go back online or switch the cable back if it was close enough. When you get tired of doing this just purchase a router and plug the PS3 and PC into the router and plug the router into the modem.

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Can you get online for the PS3 with just cable?

If you want to know if you need WiFi to get online then no you don't. You can connect an ethernet cable from your cable modem or from a router to the ethernet port in the back of a PS3

What do you need for PS3 wired online?

i got my enternal cable connected to my ps3 to my laptop but still the ps3 dose not pick up the online

How do you go online PS3?

you need to connect your ps3 to a wireless modem. or use an ethernet cable.

Do you need a Ethernet cable to buy on ps3 store?

You need an online connection to use the PlayStation Store. A PS3 can connect with an ethernet cable or WiFi to your existing internet service

Do you need wifi for PS3 online?

You need an Internet source, but you can also connect to the PS3 wired with an ethernet cable plugged into the back of the PS3 and into a router or modem.

What do you need for a Ps3 HDMI cable Optics Cable what?

To connect the PS3 to a HDTV you need an HDMI cable if your HDTV has an HDMI connection, if it doesn't you need a PS3 component cable.

Is PS3 online?

you can make it online but you need the interenet cable or wirelles Yes if you have an ethernet cable/Wireless the best new answer on <a href="">keyboard for ps3</a>

Can you get online to a ps3 without an Ethernet cable or router?

PS3 can only get an online connection with DSL or Cable WiFi or ethernet

What cable do you need to connect a ps3 to a computer so that you can surf internet and play online?

You need to connect the PS3 to the internet. How does the computer connect to the internet. That's the location for the PS3 to connect also. You may need to purchase a router along with an ethernet cable.

Can I HDMI 1.4 use the Ethernet channel for your PS3 online?

For your PS3 connection you need WiFi or an ethernet cable that is connected to the internet. The HDMI cable only connects the PS3 to the HDTV and will not provide the internet connection.

What type of cord to play online on a ps3?

if using a wired connection you need a ethernet cable

How do you hook up Ethernet cable to ps3?

You do not connect the PS3 ethernet cable to the computer. Just as you connect an ethernet cable to your PS3 to allow it to go online your computer may also have a spot to connect the ethernet cable to allow it to go online. The way the completed system will be set up is that ethernet cables are connected to a router for both the computer and the PS3 and the router is connected to the modem to allow online access to both your computer and the PS3. If you do not have a router you will need to purchase one and until then if you have a computer with online access the computer could be connected directly to the modem which you can unplug and plug in the PS3 to the modem with an ethernet cable. Then you go to network setting on the PS3 and complete the internet connection. In order to use your computer again online you need to unplug the PS3 and Plug the computer back in.