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To dash, tap the 'w' key once, then again, this time holding it down.

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Q: What button do you hold down when trying to dash in minecraft?
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How do you get height bye flying in minecraft for iPod?

Flying in Minecraft for the pocket edition version is just like the full version. Double-tap the middle button or the jump button. To go up higher, hold down the jump button while holding down the up button.

How do you land in Minecraft?

You hold down the shift button, or whatever button you use to squat, until you reach the ground.

How do you eat in minecraft 1.1?

Have food in your hand and hold down the right mouse button

How do you fly higher in minecraft for ipod?

This was put in the most recent update, you can slide your finger from the center button to the top button to go up, and slide down from the center button to go down.

What button do you press to lay down a block in minecraft on the mac book?

Hold down the "control" key and click

In drawn to life how do you dash?

hold down the b button. do this while using the arrow keys to dash in different directions.

Can you eat bread on Minecraft?

Yes, just hold down the right mouse button with the bread in your hand.

How do you fly higher in minecraft free version?

Hold the space button and instead of double hitting the space button to get back down you can just hold shift to go down as far as you want

How do you you dig things in minecraft?

Simply Hold down your left mouse button to dig blocks such as dirt or sand

How do you eat in Minecraft if the right click won't work?

You don't click, you hold the right mouse button down.

How do you change a headlight switch on a 1977 cutlass supreme?

On the body of the switch behind the dash right where it comes through the dash, there is a small spring loaded button. You will have to feel it. Push down on the button and the control know for the lights will pull out. On the face of the dash where the rod came out, there is a thin flat nut holding the switch to the dash. Unscrew this nut and the switch will come out. After installing the new switch, the knob and rod will just push in, you do not need to hold the button down on the switch. The button on the switch is about half the diameter of a pencil.

How do you get down from flying on minecraft?

If you mean in Creative Mode, you double-tap the space bar. Or hold down left shift and or press the s button