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Space Shuttle

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Q: What blasts off like a rocket but lands like an airplane?
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What blasts off like a rocket and lands like an airplane?

Space shuttle!

What is a type of rocket that lands like an airplane?

The space shuttle Is a type of rocket that lands like an airplane.

HOW are shuttles different form rockets?

They launch like a rocket, but lands like a airplane.

Is a reusable vehcial that takes off like a rocket and lands like an airplane?

The space shuttles fit that description.

What is a reuseable vehicle that goes into orbit like a rocket and then glides back to earth like an airplane?


What is like a type of rocket that lands like an aeroplane?


A reusable vehicle that lands like an airplane is called?

sounds like your after space-shuttle

The Space Shuttle takes off like a ............flies around the earth like a........... and lands like an?

The Space Shuttle takes off like a rocket, flies around the Earth like a plane, and lands like a glider.

Why are space shuttles shapped like an airplane?

Space shuttles are shaped like airplanes for efficient re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. The aerodynamic design helps control the shuttle's descent and reduces heat buildup during re-entry. This shape also allows the shuttle to glide and land like an airplane.

Do rockets have wing?

A rocket is a form of propulsion. If a rocket is used to power an airplane, it is referred to as a rocket-plane, and has wings like an airplane. It the rocket is use to propel a vehicle vertically, which does not need wicgs to provide lift, it is called simply a rocket. Sometimes fins are used to stabilize or guide a rocket in flight, but these are referred to as fins rather than wings.

What is the different between a space rocket and a space shuttle?

A space rocket is a type of vehicle used to propel spacecraft into space, while a space shuttle refers to a specific type of spacecraft that can carry crew and cargo to and from space. Space shuttles are reusable vehicles that are launched like a rocket but land like an airplane.

How does a rocket reenter the earth atmosphere?

The Earth's atmosphere is just gas, just like an airplane can get through clouds, a rocket can get through the Earth's atmosphere.