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There are some berries you can use the ones I normally use are cheri berries and leppa berries. I'll update the list when I test out all the berries I have in my bag. This is what I use in Pokemon Diamond but I think the berries are the same on both games aren't they. You can check the tags on the berries you have and see whether they have a more spicy flavor than the other flavors and test that out.

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Q: What berry's do you need to use to make a spicy poffin in Pokemon pearl?
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What berries make spicy poffins?

I made a spicy poffin with a Figy berry. You can find one when you walk out Pastoria city (pokemon Daimond) on route 213. Before you walk in the grass you see 4 berry's , pick them all and you get one

What do poffins do for your Pokemon other than increase their sheen?

Increases their contest "skills": A dry poffin would increase its beauty, making it more likely to win a "Beauty" Contest (or it would get you a Milotic if you are lucky) A sweet poffin would boost its cuteness. A spicy poffin would make your Pokemon much cooler. Bitter poffins will make your Pokemon smarter. And a Sour one, apart from making its face shrivel up, will beef it up and make it tougher. (Not in battles etc. just in contests)

What types of poffins are there in Pokemon?

Poffins are Pokemon cakes that improve your chances of winning a contest. There are Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Dry and Spicy poffins (there can also be combinations of poffin types like the Bitter-Spicy poffin, the Dry-Sour poffin etc...). Sweet poffins raise cuteness, Spicy poffins raise coolness, Sour poffins raise toughness, Bitter poffins raise smartness, Dry poffins raise beauty. Poffins are also leveled to show how much of that particular stat you have raised. Also, if you make poffins with the right berries and plenty of friends, you might get a mild poffin. Mild poffins raise ALL of the stats mentioned above (cuteness, coolness, toughness, smartness and beauty) so if you are making poffins, this is the one to go for. there are:sour,sweet,mild,foul,dry and biter.

Tips for winning cool contests in diamond?

Show to the Scarf man in Pastoria City a Pokémon with high coolness level, and he will give you the red scarf. Equip this item to the Pokémon (I don' t now. Perhaps the item is automatically equiped when you get it) and it' s contest points will be increased in wich contest. You can raise the Pokémon coolness level making poffins. You can make poffins in a house in Hearthome city. To make a poffin, give to the woman a high spicy flavor poffin (you can check the poffin's flavor in the option "Check Tag"). To make poffins, you need the Poffin Case. You can get it in the Pokémon Fan Club (Hearthome City). To give a poffin to a Pokémon, open your Poffin Case, select the poffin that you want to give, and select the Pokémon that you want to give the poffin.

How does the nature of a Pokemon affect it?

Natures increase one stat of a Pokemon while decreasing another stat. For example, a Pokemon with an Adamant nature has a higher attack stat, but a lower special attack stat. In addition, it also determines what flavors of Berry, Pokeblock, Poffin, or Apricorn (depending on the game) that a Pokemon likes and dislikes. In the case of having an Adamant nature, a Pokemon would like a Spicy flavor and dislike a Dry flavor.

Which flavor of poffin enhance which competition stats?

Spicy enhances Cool, Sour enhances Tough, Dry enhances Beauty, Bitter enhances Smart, and Sweet enhances Cute.

What is spicy food in Pokemon Platinum?


Pokemon platinum how do you make poffins and where to make them?

In Hearthome City, there is a small house left of the pokemart. It is labeled on a sign- "The Poffin House" Delicious Poffins--Smiles for All Go inside the house, talk to the lady, and make poffins! (make sure you bring plenty of berries!)

What are the spicy berries in Pokemon Sapphire?

Check all the berries tags and look for a red circle around the word spicy.

How do you get Pokémon's happines up?

The best way is to check what food it likes. EX: my riolu likes spicy food, so i give it a lot of cheri berry poffins. Make sure you have the berry you r Pokemon likes, then go to the poffin house, and talk to the lady next to the cake. Feed it the poffins, and EX: my riolu's coolness rose. Very likely the food it likes is the type of it's moves.EX: my riolu likes spicy food, and it knows cool moves. Then enter it in the contest that most of it's moves are. Win a lot of contests, level your Pokemon by like 1 or 2 levels,( make sure on the poketech friendship app your Pokemon has 2 big hearts) and it will evolve.

What berry increases coolness in Pokemon sapphire?

cheri berries or any berry that is spicy

What do the natures in Pokemon Pearl mean?

From 3rd generation on, Pokemon have natures. Natures influence how your Pokemon grows and what Pokeblocks it likes. A Pokeblock will affect your Pokemon's Contest condtion. A Pokeblock that your Pokemon likes will affect it much more than a Pokeblock it feels neutral about; and a Pokeblock it feel neutral about will affect it more than a Pokeblock it dislikes.Flavors:Spicy = CoolSour = ToughDry = BeautyBitter = SmartSweet = CuteIndividual Natures:Adamant = Attack+/Special Attack- Spicy+/Dry-Brave = Attack+/Speed- Spicy+/Sweet-Lonely = Attack+/Defense- Spicy+/Sour-Naughty = Attack+/Special Defense- Spicy+/Bitter-Bold = Defense+/Attack- Sour+/Spicy-Impish = Defense+/Special Attack- Sour+/Dry-Lax = Defense+/Special Defense- Sour+/Bitter-Relaxed = Defense+/Speed- Sour+/Sweet-Mild = Special Attack+/Defense- Dry+/Sour-Modest = Special Attack+/Attack- Dry+/Spicy-Quiet = Special Attack+/Speed- Dry+/Sweet-Rash = Special Attack+/Special Defense- Dry+/Bitter-Calm = Special Defense+/Attack- Bitter+/Spicy-Careful = Special Defense+/Special Attack Bitter+/Dry-Gentle = Special Defense+/Defense- Bitter+/Sour-Sassy = Special Defense+/Speed- Bitter+/Sweet-Hasty = Speed+/Defense- Sweet+/Sour-Jolly = Speed+/Special Attack- Sweet+/Dry-Naive = Speed+/Special Defense- Sweet+/Bitter-Timid = Speed+/Attack- Sweet+/Spicy-Serious, Quirky, Bashful, and Docile = Neutral Neutral