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The PSP or PS Vita will work with the PS3 and you can have a Portable Game player for when you are not at home. The Xbox 360 does not have one. The PS3 is Bluray and the system will play the BLURAY discs. The PSN does not cost and Playstation Plus gives free games and automatic updates for the price of Xbox Gold. You harddrive will soon fill with the free games and you'll need the 320 GB that cost less than most models of Xbox 360 and also has a free game. The PS3 Move has plenty of games and you control them as an individual and not with a common Kinect controller. Bluetooth rechargeable controllers also Don't forget Playstation Home you can stop buying games and just play there everyday. I also really believe that the Playstation 3 is a better piece of electronic hardware backed by a more caring company than Microsoft and that they will continue to make all the console improvements available for every model sold using software updates

You don't have to worry about the red ring of death with a ps3...

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Q: What benefits can you get from ps3 that you cant get from Xbox 360?
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