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PS3 just research it and you will learn why

The Xbox was replaced by the Xbox 360

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Q: What system should you buy xbox or ps3?
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What game system should you buy?

xbox 360,ps3,wii,or gamecube

Should you buy ps3 or xbox 360?

ps3 is cheaper but xbox is better

Should you buy an xbox 360 elite or a ps3?


Should I sell my PS2 for a PS3 or buy an Xbox?

No dont sell!! keep it as a sovnier PS3 !!

Which one should you buy Kinect or PlayStation move?

Some people buy both, but you should probably buy for the system you already have because they are only optional equipment for the Xbox 360 and PS3

Is Xbox stylish then PS3 or PS3 is stylish then Xbox?

The ps3 system is stylish than the xbox 360

What should you buy xbox 360 or ps3?

That's a really good question. If you do care about the price then buy the cheaper one the Xbox 360. But if you don't care about the price then buy PS3 . The Xbox 360 Has more games available than the PS3. The PS3 doesn't have as many games but in my opinion has better gameplay.

PS3 vs XBox 360 vs Wii Which one should I buy?

WII has bad controler and bad graphic . xbox 360 no free online . PS3 free online and better games so u should buy the PS3.

Should you buy an Xbox 360 S or a ps3?

PS3 just read the related questions and related Links

Should you buy a Xbox 360 to get halo reach if you already have a PS3 if not what is a good split screen game for ps3?

Sure if you like playing Video games you can buy a Xbox 360 even if you already have a PS3 or Vice versa.

What should you pick xbox 360 or ps3?

i would personally pick the ps3 because with your avatar you can do a whole bunch of dont have to buy batteries for your controller (xbox) you can plug it in and charge it (ps3) can buy plays blu-ray.....

Vevo does not want to wrk on my ps3 what should i do?

Buy an Xbox 360, nuff said.