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In Soul Silver, use Net Balls. I used Ice Beam from Dewgong, and the second time I used Ice Beam, it made Lugia frozen, and I got it's HP to red. It took two Net Balls to catch him, but it really depends on your luck. Also, you shouldn't use dusk balls, it doesn't work that much as net balls does.

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Q: What ball do you use to catch Lugia?
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What is the best way to catch Lugia?

weaken lugia down till it is almost dead than use a poke ball you will not catch it but then use an ultra ball and then you have lugia. PS. use the master ball on entei

How do you catch Lugia on heartgold?

you catch lugia by going in the underground tunnel in cianwood. You could use a ultra ball or dusk ball. but you have to put it to sleep

What ball do you use on Lugia in sliver Vinson?

You can use any ball on Lugia, however, there are guidelines to each ball.To use a pokeball, Lugia's HP must be extremely low and have an ailment.To use a great ball, Lugia's HP must be critical.To use an ultra ball, Lugia's HP must be lowered.I'm unsure of the exact procedures of the "apricot balls" and their catch rate.

Do you need a master ball to catch lugia?

No any ball will work

Pokemon Soul Silver what to do after getting silver wing?

Go catch Lugia in Whirl Islands! WARNING: Unless you are an EXTREME Lugia fan, don't use a Master Ball on it, unless it is Level 70. Advice: Use Master Ball on Ho-Oh when you get to it. I caught Lugia in a Fast Ball and Latios in an Ultra Ball.

Where are all the master ball in soul silver?

you can only get 1 master ball to catch lugia, or you can use the Pokemon modifier cheat

Should you use the master ball on Darkrai?

you should use it on lugia. he is the hardest one to catch. you cant catch him with any other pokeball. you can only catch him with a master ball.

What kind of ball can you use to catch Lugia and Mewtwo in HeartGold not including the Master ball I've heard both are level 70 so how should I catch them?

if you dont wanna waste your master ball, then the strongest ball will be the Ultra Ball...

Which ball should you use to catch Lugia?

Use at least 20 Ultra Balls/Master Ball if necessary. Timer Balls if very very very long time and still have not succeeded. It is a very good idea to get it on red health and if you change its status like paralysis it. Do not ever try and catch on full health. If you have randomly got another lugia in your party then just use a repeat ball.

What would happen if you tried to catch a ball when you were standing on a skateboard?

You would get Lugia.

Where is shadow Lugia in Pokemon XD?

Lugia is found in Citadark isle on top where u battle Greevil and catch it from him with a Master ball

Is it possible to catch a Rayquaza with a normal pokeball on emerald?

I think it is almost impossible. You can use master ball on it. Legendary Pokemon are really powerful and you may need to use even ultra ball (extra legendary Pokemon like mewtwo or lugia are recommended to catch with master ball).