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Go catch Lugia in Whirl Islands!

WARNING: Unless you are an EXTREME Lugia fan, don't use a Master Ball on it, unless it is Level 70.

Advice: Use Master Ball on Ho-Oh when you get to it. I caught Lugia in a Fast Ball and Latios in an Ultra Ball.

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Q: Pokemon Soul Silver what to do after getting silver wing?
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Where to find deoxys in soul silver?

You can not. There is no possible way of getting a Deoxy's in Pokemon Soul Silver.

How do you catch Kyogre in Pokemon soul silver?

sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

How do you get a silver apricorn in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no Silver Apricorn...

Should you get Pokemon Soul Silver?

Soul silver is AWESOMENESS!! yes GET IT

What to do after getting starter Pokemon from dr oak soul silver?

You get a dick in your face :)

What is Pokemon SoulSilver version about?

Why Soul Silver is about the original Pokemon Silver game for game boy. Soul Silver has some more bonuses.

Can Pokemon silver connet to Pokemon diamond and pearl?

Soul Silver will, but the original GBC Silver cannot.

How many Pokemon are in Pokemon soul silver?

According to there are 493 Pokemon in Soul Silver.

What level is Suicune in soul silver?

In Pokemon Soul Silver, Suicune is at level 40! ^_^

How do you get Zora in soul silver?

You cant get him in soul silver. Only in Pokemon White and black

How do you get zorua on soul silver?

Zorua is a 5th generation Pokemon it is not available in soul silver.

Where do you get Celebi on Pokemon Gold and silver?

where do you get celibi in soul silver