What audio do video games use?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Stereo or mono depending on what your tv is set for

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Q: What audio do video games use?
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Who does all the audio for video games?

There are several video games, so in you next question please be more specific. But, in many video games the producer of the game or hardware usually does the audio or a special team that helped created the game does the audio.

What is two metasites files you can use to locate audio or video?

metasites and locating audio and video files.

Is it possible to rip audio from a video ts file?

It is abosolutely possible to rip audio from video files. You only need to use a computer audio recorder.

How to change the MUSIC of a video using windows movie maker?

First you have to mute the video's audio in Windows Movie Maker. Once the audio portion of the Video is muted, you can import and drop the desired audio you want to use into the Audio/Music track.

What disc to use for pictures with music and audio?

A DVD (digital video disk) is used for video and audio media.

Is there a good software to extract audio from video files?

Luckily, don't miss change to get a free powerful video toolkit in official giveaway of Joyoshare VidiKit. I got it recently and found it all-in-round. You can use it to record streaming audio, extract audio from video, watermark, repair, effect and edit. It guaratees high quality and easy to use!

What is the best cheapest video and audio surveillance to use in your house to spy on a loved one that's undetectable?

The digital video recorder spy name is the best cheapest video and audio surveillance to use in a house to spy.

You wish to have additional audio inputs on your receiver Can you use some of the audio video inputs for this purpose?


What devices can you use to record on a mini dv video?

You can use a video camera that is compatible with mini dv tapes. Besides a video camera some audio recording devices might be able to record on mini dv tapes. But this will only be for audio, not video.

What are the uses of a MP5?

MP3- audio MP4- audio and video MP5- audio, video

Can you play a VHS through a projector if so what cable do you suggest?

Audio and Video cables, red and white for audio and yellow for video, if both units have a S-connector use it. The S-cable is a better video cable. If you use a S-cable you don't use the yellow video cable.

What do you use an HDMI connection for?

HDMI is High definition multimedia interface. It is a cable that sends both audio and video to the TV. It is used for HD and video games. Newer TVs have a port in the back for the plug-in.