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Video Games that are free roam are games where you dont always have to do story missions you can just mess around in say a city. Games that have this are Grand Theft Auto, The Hulk Ultimate destruction and the godfather.there'z alot of games that u can free roam on the godfather,scarface,gta all of them,Saints Row 2,assassains creed 1,2 and three anyways u get the point that therz lots of free roam games

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Q: What are video games with free roam?
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Is Ghostbusters the video game free roam?

*ahem* NO

What are some of the video games with free roam?

red faction guerrila,fallout 3,the wheelman,burnout paradise, rage,

What is your best video game you ever played?

Definitely Fallout 3,Skyrim , or Oblivion. Free roam RPGs. NOT Call of Duty games.

Are there any free roamer games for the PS3?

Dc Universe is free to play and free to roam.

Can you free roam at the end of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire video game?

Yes you can.

Are there any free roam games where you are a cop?

La noire is a free roam detective game with plenty action and 40 street crimes its the best you will find

Does the game bully have free roam?

Yes!It does have free roam.

Does the game superman returns the video game have a free roam?

free roam?!? no way! you finish a mission, then you skip to the next mission! :D

Is there any free roam PC driving games?

yes grand theft auto on the comuter

What are good free roam ios games?

gta 3, vice city and san andreas

Video games that are fun addicting have a good story mode are for PC have a fun free roam mode that doesnt get boring are fairly new have good graphics and are a popular game?

Dragon Nest and Eden Eternal.

How do you get free video games?

A easy way to get free video games is to sign up at this website: Then earn points and you can get a wide range of video games